What is ozone gas and how is it formed?

  • Discovered in the mid-nineteenth century
  • It is one of the oxygen allotropes and composed of three oxygen atoms (O3).
  • It has a very high oxidant and usually unstable in environmental conditions.
  • Colorless
  • It has a smell.
  • Flammable in solid or liquid form


Where is ozone technology used?

  • Water treatment (including drinking water, swimming pools and aquariums pasteurization and sterilization)
  • Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment
  • Air conditioner
  • Agricultural industries (herbicides, fungicides, soil parasite killers and etc.)
  • Application in warehouses of citrus fruits, grains, cereals and… for better storage of products
  • Application in livestock and poultry (disinfection of storage, sterile storage of grain and fodder, purification of polluted air and etc.)
  • Disinfection of plastic hospital equipment
  • Disinfection of vegetables and fruits
  • In the treatment of some diseases


How does ozone gas have the ability to kill microorganisms?

  • During the time, ozone gas has been used as a disinfectant in the climate and has the power to kill a variety of bacteria, fungi, viruses such as the corona virus.
  • Due to the unstable structure of ozone gas, it reacts quickly. After reacting, this molecule turns into a molecule of oxygen and a baby oxygen atom. This baby oxygen reacts quickly with the coating structure of microorganisms based on the oxidation process; therefore, ozone is one of the strongest sterilizing substances (destroying bacteria, Virus and odor) in the world.
  • Ozone is based on oxidation process. The ozone molecule has strong oxidizing properties due to its instability.
  • Ozone can oxidize odors and microorganisms such as viruses, fungi and bacteria. Proven Only 0.012 ppm ozone can kill all viruses, including corona capsid, in less than 10 seconds.



What is the technology of ozone production devices?

  • These devices are based on electric arc technology.


What are the consumption costs of the devices?

  • The only cost is the cost of incoming electricity.


Does the device need consumables?

  • No, the devices do not need any consumables.


What parts does the Guarantee?

  • The company’s devices have a one-year Guarantee including electronic components, fans and ozone generators.


How does the customer communicate with the company’s experts?

  • Customers can call the company numbers (+98)3137769100 and (+98)9359922010 for more information about the operation of the devices.