Safir OzoQuick Box

In order to provide more specialized services to the country’s banking system and in order to maintain the special care measures of managers, employees and customers of banks against the corona virus, Safir Teb Iranian Company has designed and manufactured the second product related to the corona virus entitled “Safir OzoQuick Box”. This portable device can be used in central treasuries, branches and bank counters. Using this device, bank employees and customers can sterilize and free them from bacteria and viruses before exchanging all kinds of money, banknotes, bank documents, checkbooks, other ordinary and securities.

Technical specifications:

  • External dimensions: width (70) × length (40) × height (42) cm
  • Weight/Volume: 25 kg /50 liters
  • Input voltage: 220 volts single phase
  • Power consumption: 150 watts
  • No leakage of ozone out of the device
  • Sterilization in just 2 minutes
  • Have two opening doors (to the user and the bank cashier)
  • Has a separate floor for placing bank documents
  • Have 8 separate compartments for banknotes and checkbooks
  • Ability to customize cabinet dimensions and specifications based on customer’s needs
  • One year guarantee and ten years of after-sales service


If you need more information, scientific and technical advice, coordination for issuing pre-invoices and concluding a contract for this product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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