At the beginning of the Corona virus crisis in March, 2020 and on the sidelines of meetings to resolve this crisis, a collective acquaintance took place between the faculty members of Isfahan University of Technology and Isfahan university of Medical Sciences in Isfahan, Iran. This acquaintance was established in order to start the interdisciplinary scientific research between engineers and medical sciences and rapidly, Safir Teb Iranian Company was founded in April, 2020. The goal of this collaboration is relying on these specialties in order to resolve the problems of domestic production in the field of medical devices.

Company founders with over 15 years of experiences in conducting research and industrial projects in medical devices, genetics and biotechnology domestically and abroadly, have the ability to advise, design and implement projects from scratch to final products. The company has the ability to set up production lines and obtain the approval of the Iranian Food and Drug Administration (IFDA) and the European pharmacopoeia standards.

Our ultimate goal is to turn Safir Teb Iranian Company into a capable, leading and knowledge-based company, and most of our time and energy will be devoted to the production of medical devices and molecular biology kits. We believe that relying on domestic capabilities is the only way to help country’s economic problems to have continuous and independent development.