Current goals:

Due to the comprehensive and inhumane sanctions of Western countries against our beloved country, the need for technical and engineering activities of our country’s craftsmen in order to meet the real needs of the country is felt more than ever. In this regard, following the outbreak of corona disease in March, 2020 good and effective cooperation was formed between technical universities and medical sciences in the country. Safir Teb Iranian Company is one of the corporations that arose from these special conditions and was formed with the cooperation of a number of professors of Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and with the support of Isfahan province officials. At this company during the pandemic,
people Worked night and day in this short period of time, they were able to carry out research activities on the following four products:

  • Safire Sterilizer Cabinet-I
  • Safire Ozoquick Box
  • Safire OzoHandy Box
  • Safire OzoSplit

These four products are based on ozone technology. We can guarantee that our products can be a safe way for disinfection of your working environmental and staff.


Future goals:

Examples of projects completed / ongoing by the founding board members of the company are:

  • Design and commissioning of an intraocular lens (IOL) production line
  • Design and manufacture of polymer-based stents
  • Design and manufacture of insulin pump
  • Design and manufacture of sterilizing cabinets based on ozone gas technology
  • Design and manufacture of molecular detection kits based on microfluidic technology
  • Design and manufacture of molecular detection kits based on Real-time PCR technology
  • Design and manufacture of antibacterial exhalation valves for N95 masks
  • Design and manufacture of kits related to biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of gastrointestinal cancers based on knowledge of molecular biology and genetics
  • Design and manufacture of laboratory consumables


Wishing good health to all the people of our lovely country

Dr. Peiman Mosaddegh

Managing Director and Faculty Member of Isfahan University of Technology